We offer:
Mil-Spec manganese Parkerizing
Mil-Spec ‘Norrell’ Moly Resin
Cerakote (done off site)
GunKote (done off site)
Hot bluing (done off site)
Full restorations. We can remove most pitting/dents/damage, with welding and/or handwork.

Heavily used transferable M16 machine-gun, in 11.5″ M4 configuration.

Beautifully/Flawlessly refurbished/restored to early 1970’s ‘Commando’ (CAR-15E2) configuration, using mil-spec Parkerizing (manganese & zinc) & “early Colt gray” mil-spec Moly-Resin.
Barrel is a new Colt M4 14.5″, cut to 11.5″ and re-profiled to pencil type. All internals replaced w/ new US Military Colt M16 parts.
All furniture has been replaced w Colt NOS furniture of the correct era.
Weapon looks/functions as-New! This is a $25,000 gun.


Pic: Misc 1919 machine-gun parts, refinished as new, Mil-spec parkerizing


Pic: TX MAC-10smg parkerized and Cerakoted


Pic: SWD M11/9-smg, refinished/restored as new, Manganese parkerized.  Value $7000.  Photo makes the gun appear much lighter, than it actually is.


Pic: FAL refinished: Disassembled, de-greased, bead-blasted, parkerized, then finished with Gunkote.


Pic: Stripping down a previously-cerakoted MPX (done by another company), and refinishing in Mil-spec Moly-Resin black/gray w/ custom green tint done to it, and manganese parkerizing on small parts, for a gun accessory company.