Laser engraving

I am happily married with 3 wonderful kids, one in HS, two in college.
Played football in HS and am currently a relentless Republican and Patriot. MAGA!
I enjoy duck hunting, working on wood projects in my spare time, and building AR15’s.
I enjoy the gun culture & community, and enjoy conversing with like minded people.
I worked in local politics, and was an elected Councilman, for many years.
I spent my professional life in the IT field, Corporate IT security, and threat management.

I worked part time at a gun dealer/store for a couple of years, I enjoyed interacting with customers, keeping abreast of new guns/accessories, and building custom AR15’s for their shop.
It has always been my dream to own a business in the firearms industry, now I do.

For NFA trusts, LLCs, Form-1’s, Form-4’s, text, numbers, logos, on receivers, barrels, suppressor tubes, components & accessories. Anything you want.
I have a High-$ 30-watt laser-engraver w/ a Large workable-footprint, and also a large/long rotary attachment w/ a live-center (stabilizer), for engraving tubing/suppressors/barrels.
I am creative, and enjoy coming up with logos and ideas for the laser engraver.

Most basic engraving (NFA Text/Numbers) can be done while the customer waits for the project to be completed.  We have sofas/chairs/Cable-TV/radio/Coffee/H20, and reading material for customers, while they wait.
All engraving will first be done on a scrap piece of steel/aluminum, to show the customer for his approval, before engraving on the firearm/suppressor itself.
If you are worried about the distance, how many local engravers will do it for you while you wait? Just might be worth the drive out to see us 😉

More complicated designs can be done, but require additional time to make logos/etc.
Custom designs can be done.  If you have an idea/sketch, I can do it.