We do custom work, custom metal fabricating, custom builds.
Build AR15 from scratch w/ customers desired parts/accessories.
Build guns from parts kits (AK, STEn, 1911, etc)
Do weapon conversions, HK94 to MP5, Saiga, etc, etc, etc

Pic: HK USC-45 converted to HK UMP-45 SBR/NFA, being test-fired after conversion/build.

Pic: From this, factory oem Saiga rifle

Pic: To this
Saiga rifle, bbl shortened/threaded, muzzle-brake attached permanently to meet 16.1″, trigger-guard relocated, pistol grip mount installed, front-site, hand-guards & gas-tube retro-fitted, gas-port relocated 0.50″, feed-ramp welded in, mag-catch extended, rear-stock tang removed, custom folding stock installed, 3.5-lb trigger-job, parkerized & Gunkoted.


Pic: From this, factory oem Saiga S12 shotgun

Pic: To this, Custom converted & tuned Saiga-12 w/ all the external/internal bells & whistles. Combat/Competition gun

Pic: STEN MK5 semi-auto built from WW2 smg parts kit and the infamous ‘muffler pipe’ receiver.
Handmade 5″ dummy/display barrel and a 16″ functional barrel is hidden by custom fake-suppressor.
Receiver correctly machined from tube/pipe, parts converted from open-bolt smg to closed-bolt semi-auto.
Lots of welding, machining, thinking, fabricating, grinding, tweaking. 922r compliant.

Jan-15, from Charles in PA
Matt, I just picked up the STEN and WOWWW.  Just WOW. I’ve never seen anything like it. You my friend are a true miracle worker. It’s absolutely perfect and is just WOW.  I cannot ever tell you how much this piece will mean to me.  I appreciate you so much Matt!!

Absolutely perfection of a build and just, I’m speechless my friend.

Feb-11, from Charles in PA
Hey man I hate to bug you but I just wanted to say thank you again for the great and such amazing work on the sten.
I’ve showed people this thing and they are blown away by how neat it is. In any event, I can never express enough appreciation for all your time, work, and craftsmanship on this. It is truly one of my most prized possessions and for so much more than just the weapon itself.  Thank you so much, Matt.  I really appreciate it, my friend.

Pic sent from customer, Charles, after receiving completed STEn.


Pic: Custom M11/9-smg w/ new Lage upper receiver assembly. Rear-frame was blown-off/KABooM, repaired.  Lage sights machined off and replaced w HK sights. Scope mount bored out to expose HK sights. Handmade custom stock mounted.  Extended mag-catch. Full reliability/tuning package done. Value of this gun is $8,000+

Pic: PPS-43 Pistol w/ (ATF Approved) stock permanently LOCKED in closed position.  Gun was registered as SBR/NFA/Class-3, then cut the stock-lock assembly apart, made new functional internals for the stock to work correctly.

Factory deep-etched cross-hatching being removed from AK receiver, by hand. Perfect!

Pic: Early WW2 1911A1 reproduction front sight blades, made on EDM for my reproduction 1911 project

Pic: Colt pocket Pistol slide perfectly sliced in two, dead center, to get dimensions for another companies’ project.

Pic: Gun on top is a single-stack-mag WASR AK, machined out correctly to accept normal double stack AK magazines. Gun is NIB/unfired, but the metal/wood has been distressed to appear as it has seen combat. Customer loved it.
Gun on bottom is a Krink parts-kit build.

Pic: Radically changed angles, done by milling machine, on a bolt-carrier. Rear cut is rounded at the bottom. The next step is to blend all of the angles together. The hammer is also radically reprofiled, as is the bolt and bolt-head. Combined, the new angles/contours drastically reduce ‘sprung’ friction, increasing reliability and increasing the speed of the action. Makes the action light, SLICK, and fast.

Pic: Couple of custom Saiga shotguns, SBS/NFA/Class-3