Class-3 / NFA

We are a licensed Firearms Manufacturer (Class-2) with a Special Operations Tax-stamp (Class-3).
Basically, we are a licensed manufacturer and dealer of standard and class-3 firearms.

Class-3/NFA repairs:
Almost two decades of experience repairing/restoring NFA registered transferable Full-Auto weapons, ranging from a tune-up, to restoring/refinishing, to repair of catastrophic damage from a KABOOM (Blacksmithing/Welding/etc).
HK MP5, M16, AK47, MAC-10, M11/9, M11/380, 1919, S&W-76, Soumi/PPSH, Uzi, STEn, Sterling, etc, etc, etc
Contact us for machine-gun repairs: (314)-xxx-xxxx

What class-3 items can an individual-trust-llc purchase/own?:

SBR: Short barreled rifle
SBS: Short barreled shotgun
AOW: Any other weapon.  pistol-gripped short barreled shotgun, Pen gun, wallet holster, cane gun, etc
Suppressor: Silencer.
Pre-86 TRANSFERABLE machine-gun: A machine gun, manufactured and registered w/ ATF before the cut-off date in 1986.  Transferable machine gun prices start at $7,000 (MAC-10) and go up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars (Mini Gun)
Guesstimations (current):
MAC-10, M11/9: $7,000-$8,000 avg
M16: $20,000-$30,000+ avg
MP5: $38,000-$42,000 avg
UZI: $12,000-14,000 avg
AK47: $25,000-$30,000+

Purchasing Class-3/NFA items…..
Class-3 items fall under NFA rules.
First you pick out the item you want, then you buy it (paid in full)…..but you dont get to take it home, just yet.
Next: Special paperwork needs to be filled out, fingerprint cards, $200-fee, and passport-type photos, all need to be submitted to ATF for approval.
Only after the approved forms are received back from ATF, can the customer take possession of the NFA item.
Violation of NFA laws is 10 years Federal felony & $250,000 fine, per violation. Contact ATF for more info/clarification of NFA laws/regulations.


We can supply almost any brand of suppressor, at a competitive price. We will try our best to beat any price.
If you purchase a suppressor from an out of state seller, we can do the Missouri transfer for you.

Short Barreled Rifles / Short Barreled Shotguns:

We can legally supply/build SBR/SBS to customers after filing/approval of Class-3/NFA Tax-stamp paperwork.
We can legally convert customer’s existing rifles. pistols, shotguns into SBR/SBS.
We can also engrave your new NFA weapon with required markings.
If you purchase a SBR / SBS from an out of state seller, we can do the Missouri transfer for you.

Machine-guns / Full-auto:
Civilians cannot legally own a machine-gun that was manufactured/registered after 1986 (called a “Post-sample”).

Civilians cannot convert their existing semi-auto into a machine-gun, under any circumstance. 10yrs + $250K fine!

A licensed manufacturer w/ an SOT (Taking Aim Sports) can make a machine-gun, but it can only be sold to law-enforcement agencies, and/or Military. It Cannot be sold/transferred to a person/trust/corporation, for any reason.
We cannot make and sell you a machine-gun!
We cannot turn your semi-auto into a machine-gun!

The only way an individual, a trust, or a corporation can legally acquire/own a machine-gun, is to purchase an existing one that was manufactured and registered with ATF, before the cutoff date, in 1986 (called a “Transferable”).
If you are interested in buying a legal machine-gun, we can help you locate one, and do the transfer/paperwork for you.
“Transferables” are very collectable (low availability + high demand), and a great investment, so the prices for them are high, and continue to rise. Example, the current selling price of a Transferable M16 is between $20K-$30K depending on brand and model. The lowest priced transferable machine-guns, at current prices, are MAC-10 types are in the $7K-$8K range, depending on the seller.

If you purchase a legal Transferable machine-gun from an out of state seller, we can do the Missouri transfer for you.